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Welcome to my small place on Internet visitor ! Let me introduce myself.

Developer and student on GNU+Linux, I use Gentoo, Arch and Void daily. I'm trying to learn the GNU/Guix ecosystem. If my main IDE is Unix with Vim as text editor, I use Emacs as agenda and TODO list with Orgmode. Libre-softwares enjoyer, I'm also for a digital sobriety, for personal pc or Internet and WorldWideWeb.

I'm admin for the Gnous.eu community. I moderate the services.

I'm developing in Rust and I'm learning Z80 ASM and C++ for side projects. I've learned Java, Python, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript (NodeJS, React Native), C, Go and Bash. I've learned them by myself or at the university.

I'm also reading some fiction (like SF with Asimov). I'm an achiviements hunter, I try to finish my game at 100% (on Steam). I also play CounterStrike: Global Offensive, my rank is Eagle.

The source code of this site can be found on my own git or Gnous's git, under GPL3 license. The content is under CC-BY-SA license. Some parts, as the font or the images, can be under different licenses.


I'll add the interesting news of my website here. Read the commits to have more informations about the small changes of the site !

25-10-2023: translate everything \o/ (unless ??).

04-10-2023: moving to a VPS at Contabo.

29-09-2023: nice favicon :).

27-09-2023: projects page in english !! a first step before the rest of the site.

30-05-2023: a better CSP to avoid trackers injections.

13-01-2023: hon hon baguette & bri'ish.

14-11-2022: I'm moving my site and my cgit to aquilenet.

19-05-2022: I'm leaving enpls for ada.wf.

13-04-2022: add this section.