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After too many years on Twitter, I'm trying to leave it for some reasons. Among them is the algorithm. It's really usefull to find tweets / people / etc., but it's still some lines of code which chooses what I must read / watch or not. And it's annoying me. To avoid that, I've choosed to use more RSS feeds than social medias.

I loose the discovery with the algorithm but I gain a new discovery: the links between websites. Thank to Hackernews and its french version Journal du Hacker for that. The aggregation of links allows me to find new blogs, new websites, and add them in my RSS feeds.

Today, I've about 50, mostly in IT, with some feeds to keep up with the news. Instead of making a big list, I will use a functionnality of my feeds reader: FreshRSS. It allows to share a RSS feed of my RSS feeds. You can to read what I read while waiting the day I won't be lazy to write a big list.

You can contact me to recommend some RSS feed (maybe yours ?).

Change variable hours to see the articles of last X hours (I put 1000 by default).

Some links are in french.