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You can fin all my personnal side projects on the Gnous's git or only those I find most interesting on my own git. However, a lot of code has french comments. Further down, you can find a list of my projects, as their status.

Thanks to

I would like to thank all the people who helped me with my projects, who made me think and discover new things throught the code. Maintainers who have been benevolent, contributors who made my projects progress, and all other people.

Thanks to : lucie "soaring sparks" aka Jikhai, valsept, Bensuperpc, d0p1, outout, alol, mbahal, eban, ada, kernoeb, romain, Lunki, KeetKhat, solaris38.

I'll update this list in the futur. If I've forgotten you (sorry !), send me an email to solve it. You can send one too if you want to change your name or be removed from this list.

Other contributions

You can find below a list of projects to which I've contributed :

Project Description Language used in my contributions Maintainer / Contributor My last contribution License
barista packages manager for Kohi-GNU Perl d0p1 3c5acc2 BSD3 Clause licence
CDS All the repositories used for the CDS Discord server Docker, JS Kekwel, TobiBiotex
Gentoo (paquet) Packages for Gentoo ebuild file Marek Szuba (for xdotool) and Gentoo community xdotool GNU GPL v2
gnous Organization with the code of GnousEU's projects Outout, Romain
I Learned community blog (in French) Markdown ILearned contributors Comprendre les différentes licences CC-BY-NC-SA
Orgalan Organization with some tools to manage LAN, plane mirror Lunki
Patternfly-yew crate to use Patternfly library with Yew Rust ctron and 7 contributors f6ee9d0 Apache 2.0
Patterfly-yew-quickstart crate with examples for Patternfly-Yew Rust ctron and 5 contributors 0e9db71 Apache 2.0
source-integration MantisBT plugin to add commits coming from Git servers. PHP MantisBT Team and more than 50 contributors 7ae74a0 MIT
super russrt web RSS aggregator Rust Alol, Mbahal 5f569c2d GNU GPLv3
Surprise_Dungeon Game inspired by Binding of Isaac, coded for the Yogscast Game Jam 2020 Game Maker Language solaris38, Valsept 45221f99b8 GNU GPLv3
███████ Crate █████████████████████████████████████ Rust █████████████████████████ ███████ Apache 2.0 or MIT
████████ Crate █████████████████████████████ Rust █████████████████████ ███████ Apache 2.0 or MIT



I've only, for now, contribute to the xdotool package. I'll list all my patches if I submit more here.


The next commit is mine too, but dregad seems to make small modifications on the REGEX. I prefer to put only the commits who have been authored by me.


The Discord server "Chasseurs De Succès" (Achievements Hunters) uses two (2) bots to check new achievements and set up appointments to play. I manage the infrastructure, with Docker containers deployments and data base. You can find more informations on my blog (in French).

Redacted projects

Some lines of this table are censored. They contain some projects on which I've contributed with a secondary account, used for work or class projects. As you can find my identity with it, I prefer to avoid informations about them.


WORKING means that I'm working on it.

FINISHED means that the project is considered finished and will not receive any big update (unless I've a big idea).

HIATUS means that I've paused the development (waiting to read some documentation, motivation...).

ARCHIVED means that the project is archived and will not be updated at all. You can considered it as abandoned or a polished one.